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JOYCULT IS BACK. In XL, Classic, and Lite! Premium Joycult F3 Urethane in Classic White Shape. Joycult wheels are handmade in Brantford Ontario Canada by Matt Watkinson. From face to bearing, duro to duro, Joycult wheels are designed to handle all terrains. 

Durometer is a rating system for which hardness is determined. The higher the number, the harder the "thane"70D is harder, a bit more responsive and designed for sliding more efficiently on rough terrain.60D is the softer of the two, but, I wouldn't call them soft by any means. They a are slightly more grippy and although they will perform well on rough surfaces too, these wer designed with smooth surfaces in mind. 

And now, with DUO-DURO -  The Double Durometer System opens many options for versatilty in featuring the grip and response of the outer, while maintaining the pop and feel of the inner core durometer. But, for this project, functionality was the mantlepiece. Hands down. Completely hidden, the core itself doubles as one rugged lock system, designed specifically for you to beat the s*#t out of.

Carefully formulated and perfected to create a truly unique feeling under your fingers.  

Graphic and Non Graphic Wheels are selected randomly but you can leave a request in the notes of your order and we will fill on availabilty.