2016 in Full Effect

The 2016 season has begun for us at Joycult Wheels with our first release happening Friday January 22nd at 12pm EST. We are happy to introduce New Colours, NEW formulas, and the addition of 70D to the lineup. The 70D has been in our vision since the beginning, however, it was a tricky formula to work with and we just couldn't figure it out at the time. Now, after many sleepless nights of R and D, we have finally done it and are proud to release it  in this weekends stock! 


Much love to everyone who has stayed patient...

BOTB, Shipping, and Other News

Whats up dudes? 

                             SO... finally, ALL orders as of today are shipped, its the first time since the webstore was launched that we are on top of things. It took a bit longer than expected because there were literally too many orders! On that note, I would also sincerely like to thank my dudes (you guys) for the overwhelming support. For anybody that has either been a fan of the content, or the product, THANK YOU. 

BOTB is on September 12th! And there will be some...


Hey dudes, 

                   You may have seen on our instagram post that orders have begun shipping. And this is TRUE! Be on the lookout for your order to arrive in the mail and be sure to check the website over the coming days for some new releases, limited edition colorways as well as lots of other #joycult hard goods on our webstore!

Happy Shredding!


Open for Pre-Orders

Whats up Shredders!?

Welcome to the shop! The only place to find Joycult Wheels. I decided to open up the store for pre-orders for those who requested. Just waiting on a few little things to arrive in the mail on this end and we are good to go! Expect some frequent updates on the website over the new few weeks (Team Updates, LTD Colorway Releases, News, and Content) so click that refresh button, and check back with us daily! I would like to take this opportunity to also thank everyone who has been supportive of Joycult from the beginning. Its...