YEAR TWO RELEASE, Brantfords DIY, King of the Curb 2017, and more!


How the heck are you? Hope everyone has been getting out in the streets now that the good weather is back! 

There is literally so much to talk about that I keep putting it off again and again and again in an attempt to divi up the news... However, it's gotten to the point where there is just too much awesome shit going down that I am just going to lay it on you all right here, RIGHT NOW.

  The main reason that I did't want to make a big post like this is because all...

An overdue apology and thank you to supporters, BLEMS, King of the Curb and SPRING 2017

I have been a skateboarder before anything my entire life. And, as a result of that lifestyle some aspects of health ,over time, deteriorate whether it be due to regular wear and tear, heavy injuries, or the general neglect on all fronts we give our bodies as skateboarders. In any case, it adds up. 

In September/October of last year I had a bout with "neglect" in particular. I was severely sick for the past 7 months. Really sick. Scary as hell, but it ended in surgery last month and have been recovering well.  I tried hard not to let interfere...

Agenda February 2017

What is up shredders, welcome to the shop! And lets get to talking about the all new F3 Formula. In my opinion, it is the perfect cross between the F1 and F2. While maintaining the toughness and durability of the urethane we were able to give it a feel familiar to to Original Formula. A bit more bite, but not too much. 

We are always striving to enhance the feeling of a real skateboard and I think this is the closest one yet. It's been in development for quite sometime, but that is because working with chemicals is complex and...

JUNE! What's up?!

Hey dudes and dudettes! 

We are are moved in at the new HQ and back in action. Release today at 12pm EST! Apologies to anybody trying to get in touch over the last couple of weeks. The internet situation was a bit tricky on account of the move, but, we are up and running now and are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Summer is here though! And for our One Year Anniversary we have something pretty cool in the works! (more details to come) 

Follow us on Instagram @joycult and on Facebook @joycultwheels for daily updates and...

2016 in Full Effect

The 2016 season has begun for us at Joycult Wheels with our first release happening Friday January 22nd at 12pm EST. We are happy to introduce New Colours, NEW formulas, and the addition of 70D to the lineup. The 70D has been in our vision since the beginning, however, it was a tricky formula to work with and we just couldn't figure it out at the time. Now, after many sleepless nights of R and D, we have finally done it and are proud to release it  in this weekends stock! 


Much love to everyone who has stayed patient...