YEAR TWO RELEASE, Brantfords DIY, King of the Curb 2017, and more!


How the heck are you? Hope everyone has been getting out in the streets now that the good weather is back! 

There is literally so much to talk about that I keep putting it off again and again and again in an attempt to divi up the news... However, it's gotten to the point where there is just too much awesome shit going down that I am just going to lay it on you all right here, RIGHT NOW.

  The main reason that I did't want to make a big post like this is because all of the topics listed below have consumed so much time and effort that they are definitely worthy of the limelight at least for a minute, in their own right. THAT being said, get stoked dudes and dudettes, because there is A LOT of great stuff going on in Canadian Fingerboarding in spring/summer 2017. 



  This Friday at 12pm noon the webstore will be open for a FULL release. That's right! The most requested colourway is back as well as TEN ALL NEW ways to roll this summer at the Year Two Release! This run is filled with smaller quantities of a variety of very rare and limited colours as opposed to our previous releases. Lots of specials, 24hr deals and limited items will be available as well! Tune in on 05/19/17 and check everything out! 




    If you are in Brantford, Ontario and are looking for a place to shred, Check out our new DIY at the Brantford (Brant's Crossing) Skatepark! Lots of cool stuff to fingerboard and skateboard on and it will also be the location of KING OF THE CURB 2017!  A ledge game of skate contest with special guest Mike Schneider from FLATFACE WHEELS making an appearance for the show! Lots of stuff will be available as this event is a part of the Year Two Festivities taking place for those who can sesh in person. Lots of limited wheels and product from various companies will be there for sale as well! Hope to see even more people there than at the Downtown Showdown! A New Park and will be unveiled on our IG and FB accounts in the coming weeks where the contest will take place on so be sure to follow us for updates!


To end off this note (for now) we updated the site a bit too! Check out our new FAQ page as well as direct links to your favourite JOYCULT video parts featured on our homepage! 

Well see you soon! SAVE THAT DATE and make it to downtown Canada for KING OF THE CURB! 

MUCH love to you, the cult. 

- Matty








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