Hello Family, 

I hope you are all keeping well. 

Before I get into any of the good news, I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone for your support namely in the last year, and especially from November, until now.

Where I live and operate Joycult (Brantford, Ontario Canada) - We have been hit with some of the hardest lockdowns in the world. I see many places around the world, opening back up again, so I realize that some of our supporters may not be aware and felt it was important to discuss. 

Without giving a political opinion about the situation - The reality no matter what you believe is that not only has it made the lives of everyday Canadians incredibly stressful, and challenging to the likes we have never seen, it has also made Joycult incredibly, and increasingly difficult to operate.

Police are enforcing stay at home order, we are not allowed to meet with anyone who isn't from the same househould (punishable by fines or jail time), skateparks are closed, and we are prohibited from buying anything other than, food, beer, or medicine. Not even clothing, or tools/supplies for work, and THAT has been the real wrench in the mix for us here at HQ.

Lately, I have been able to get my hands on the basics via online/ overseas BUT there have been international shipping delays in lieu of the new lockdown restrictions, and it seems like they are inspecting international packages more carefully. 

As far as everything else is concerned, things are back to just me behind the wheel. We had Grace helping with emails and back of the house, but she gave birth a couple of weeks ago and things have been behind as far as communications. 

I am still working around the clock, but focussing on the important tasks which is primarily getting orders out as quickly as possible with the most amount of love!





I will have a post detailing this in the next week or so, but this is a heads up. 

Deadline: MAY 31st

RULES: Make a fucking video and if it rules, then we will hook your shit up beyond your wildest dreams. 


 - Order #10295 (NICHOLAS PASTOR)

and, SUPERSTREET PART II will debut in some form or another, on May 1st 2020 here at If anything changes I will notify everyone immediately, but things seem to be running smoothly and I am extremely excited to get some urethane to the world, finally.

My sole focus right now is getting through this, and getting back to how fingerboarding was before all of this happened. It is crazy to think that it is illegal right now to host an event...     That even if people came, they have to go through so much extra bullshit just to travel.. But, I do have faith, and my vision is locked.

Thank You again

If you have any questions you can reach us at OR contact us via DM on IG @theonlywheelever. 

I am extremely backed up with messages but I am still here tending to all things Joycult and would ask that you please just have patience with me in responding. 

Sending multiple messages only makes things much more confusing and time consuming as I answer all messages chronologically. I try to be thorough in my conversations, and that personal touch takes a little extra, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Finding reliable employees to take on responsiblities at Joycult isn't as easy as it sounds. Even if there were zero restrictions. I have managed to keep the operation fully skateboarder operated since day one, and that is of utmost importance. Either way, I am on the case. 

Anyways, that's it thats all.

You are loved. 

CHECK THE BINS IN THE "FUNCTIONAL ART" SECTION OF THE SHOP (lil somethin' special for these ones) 









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