State of the Union


           Yes, We are here. In fact, now more than ever. It is extremely difficult times in our area of the world. We have been on full lockdown since Boxing Day, and before that, it was more or less restricted in the summer leading up to the fall/winter. And now, here we are.

8pm curfews, only allowed ONE guest at your house...   Fuck. It has been hard.

Many of our materials are sourced locally, and this has imposed quite a big impact on Joycult. 

As of right now, there is NO urethane. 

We are working night and day to solve this and come out of the pandemic on the other side. In the interim, I put all of my love into the Bookstore Project.

I want to thank everyone for your support and kinds words over the past few months. It has meant worlds and kept myself and everyone here at the Joycult HQ in high spirits.

You are Loved.


- M

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