Beloved Cult,

                       If you have followed us since the beginning, you are likely familiar with the the expression "When Joycult is silent, that is usually when the most is happening here in Brantford, Ontario"

Never more true, and amplified than now.

This is a formal update as to what has been going on here over the past few weeks, and what the short, medium, and long term future are looking like for Joycult.

Before I touch on anything, however, I want to passionately exclaim something to you all. And, that is this...      The hole in my heart for what has happened over the past year to the scene here in Canada (or at least in the Joycult district) fills me with so much miss...     It has been my fuel to not only power through these rolling lockdowns, but really put our heads together here to pick up where we left off in growing the Canadian, and worldwide fingerboard scene. 

I miss the events so much. Seeing everyone, seshing, shooting ads. None of this has been possible or even fun in the past year. 

The good news, however, is that the lockdowns are finally coming to an end here in Ontario. We will not be fully opened, but, anything other than everything closed except certain sections of Walmart, limits to meeting up with nobody unless you live alone (then its one), is better than nothing. 

I am weary that this may be a one step forward and two steps back situation however, as our government has been extremely unpredictable with the restrictions they choose to enforce. 

So, my goal has been clear. Find a way to operate Joycult 1) With just me 2) If I was locked in a building for a year beyond my control and 3) Grow fingerboarding harder than the last 6 years altogether. 

In the meantime, there is still nothing available, but for the superfans, I DO have something special arranged for the end of the month, and trust me, you will know about this one.

In the meantime, we have someone new taking care of emails. I apologize if she is confused with some of the context. As you may have read, @theonlywheelever was hacked, and email chain became extremely backed up. But, she is brilliant, organized, and most of all she skates. 

We are dead set on moving forward once we finalize a few more things, but I just wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know that we appreciate your support through this transition. The pandemic has been so incredibly rough on everyone...     Joycult has always had the most unreal, and unwavering support. We love you and we are looking forward to the future. 

June 2nd the lockdowns end, but I have a feeling there is going to be some gigantic news that is going to make a lot of you happy. 

If I could make a suggestion. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. I love using my own platform to communicate, and engage. And, I have some exclusives I will be reaching out to the mailing list about before instagram. 

It is home stretch right now. And it is make or break. We have it all on the line.

Love You.

- M


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