Hey Everyone,

I haven't looked at instagram aside from logging in quickly to post the promo that lead you here to this post, since the last time I was live updating everyone a couple of weeks ago. 

Thank You to everyone who reached out to me and sent love and well wishes. Truly, Cathy would read me a lot of DM's.  And, apologies to everyone who I haven't messaged back yet. I will be getting through messages this week, but for now I felt it was more appropriate to give this little update here, as opposed to social media. 

I have been back home at HQ working for about a week. 

I will be a specific as I feel is necessary, but in short, your boy was really, really, really sick. I still am, but...      feeling a lot better now, and seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. My nervous system basically had a fit... 

I broke out in Shingles all over my body which was the tipping point. But, leading up to that break out, I had been experiencing loss of feeling in my hands and lower legs on quite a consistent basis. 

It would come in waves, but, it was affecting me in so many more ways than just loss of feeling. It made fingerboarding, guitar, drums, music, skateboarding, art, everything that keeps me sane impossible to do. 

Once I got home, my family couldn't come help as much as they had wanted to. Not only was I contagious from the shingles ( Cathy and Tommy are more susceptible because of their age and other immunocompromised disorders) but, I had a fever and chills. My family thought I had the coof, but, after a week and a half I went back to the doctors to get tested for that, and make sure that most of my shingles weren't contagious anymore. And, once I regained some strength I jumped right back into making wheels, fulfilling orders, and powering through plans of a KOTC THIS SUMMER.

For now, nothing is set in stone. But, I am working on it diligently. 

I really just wanted to say hello. That I am back. I am feeling a lot better. And we have some new additions to the Joycult family that I would like to introduce you to. 

As some of you who reached out may have noticed - We now have Nikki, our beloved and long time friend behind the keyboard for communications full time. She has an extensive background in customer service, she is super kind, and adds a nice homey vibe to the back end. 

We also have Mariana who will be helping with packing and shipping moving forward. She is rad too. Skateboarder, organized as hell, and as far as I am concerned - overqualified. BUT, a blessing to the HQ and Joycult family as well. 

As for me - There is a saying. "Jack of all trades, master of none" - and, there is truth to that. 

Last year, I tried people out here at Joycult. I had the same quote running through my mind even then but, I was teaching them how to make wheels, and that is simply what I am best at. Making the wheels. When I am left to focus entirely on those lil' tiny urethane gems, magic does happen. And, I am happy to be back in my urethane world.

Thank You again to everyone who supports us. Especially to everyone who was affected by my temporary absence. Life is crazy...   unpredictable.     Times like these seem to bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in everyone. But, all in all - It is all love. I am truly blessed to have you. 

The last of Susperstreet is in the shop now. Next drop is F3 60 and 70, I am hauling ass back here and have been for a few days now.

I will update on that on socials soon, but again, for now - Just wanted to say I am alright, and I hope you are too, and the shop is OPEN!


- M






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