FUCK 2020


What's up shredders!?

So here we are. Summer is ending, school is starting (I know most of you will be back in the classroom so that is rad), the Orange Tour is over AND the last night of two weeks free shipping is tonight!

But, since summer has been a bit rough on everyone - what with the no concerts, no events, and face masks... I figure lets send er' off right. Hook you guys the frick up. So, not only is the next 24hrs still free shipping. If you use the code "FUCK2020" at checkout, it's buy two get one free for the remaining 24hrs (or while supplies last) Oh, and the code for free shipping is still "MO4LIFE"

Looking forward to having events and getting back to normalcy in 2021. Still some cool stuff coming for 2020, but.. We all know where fingerboarding is really at. The sessions.

Much Love and Thank You for 5 Years of supporting Joycult!

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