Just wanted to say thank you to everyone.

Over the last year or so I have heard you guys. 

Joycult has been in a bit of a transition phase. I (Matt) as one person, simply cannot manage Joycult by myself. To be honest, I noticed the strain and effects it was taking as early as 2017. 

All the while this was becoming more of a challenge, I was hit hard with... well, life. We all go through it. That was when I really noticed that the juggle was becoming difficult, I was sick for months. 

It is crazy to think, but up until now. After all of that time, it has been a SLOW build. A lot of patchwork to accomplish all of these things. But here we are. Here is what has changing, and why.

1) "Stock Culture" 

We are going to be listing product more often on the site without notifying people. One of the main questions we get is "How come there are no wheels on the site?"... I realize that many people haven't been fingerboarding or following Joycult since the beginning. While most supporters know there is always a stock coming. Many do not, and think the opposite when they see a bare store. Special Edition products may be promoted a bit moving forward, but for the most part, and after this, wheels (at least the basics) should always be on the site.


2) Emails/ Inquiries

One of the biggest and unanticipated challenges over the years has been keeping up with supporters and answering questions. Namely via email. Many of the questions we get asked have answers on our F.A.Q page. But, let's face it is always nicer to just have your questions answered right away! In real time. I feel you on that one. So, you may have noticed responses are quick to the draw lately? 

That is because I am happy to announce we have MO now! Mo is a skateboarder, great friend, and highly organized individual .She has been handling emails for the last while and freeing up space for me to keep Joycult FUN.

Thank You everyone who has been insanely supportive and patient with us during Covid. Joycult is made of pure, solid love. We are happy and here to give you guys the absolute best. Always. 

USE CODE "THANKYOUFINGERBOARDING" at checkout. Code is valid for 1 set of free wheels per customer. While supplies last. 

DISCLAIMER: If you fail to use the code we will not be issuing rain checks, and will not be issuing refunds minus shipping after any sale is complete. Please be aware of this as we simply can't handle all of these requests. YOU DO HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING. We do not "manufacture" shipping therefore we are not obligated to give that away for free. Any emails about either of these topics will not be responded to and these are not up for debate. 


Thank You Fingerboarding



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