CORONA, Y5, OG Pre-Orders, and BOOKSTORE CO.


                       As social media seems to be getting stranger, I am going to start utilizing for updates more often. And what better time to start than now, while the world seems to be standing still. 

The current world situation has definitely impacted Joycult, BUT, don't worry - we are still powering through and Y5 is still well underway. 

There has been a hold up particularly due to the government seizing our chemists plant and retrofitting it to make medical supplies for the pandemic. But they are still performing regular tasks like blending our signature F3 formula, things have just been slowed down.

The pre-orders will be beginning to ship Monday, and if you DID place an order for OG 2.0 - You will receive a notification once your item(s) have been shipped. 

As for Year 5, no exact date yet, but, as you may have seen on social media, SARA SMITH HERSELF is in town AND we have been working hard on a new collaborative project called Bookstore Co. 

We were going to phase out decks once OG 2.0 was off the ground, but...  the truth is people have been digging the shapes and I appreciate that. However, my focus is caught up in wheels SO, Sara will be taking the helm in the wood department and fully directing the new brand moving forward. She has a lot of really creative and amazing ideas that I think you guys are really going to enjoy!

If you would like updates on Bookstore Co. head over to @bookstorecompany on IG and follow that page for everything wood. 

I am going to do one last round of my graphics for Edition One this Monday April 13th a 7pm EST. And you best believe we are going to go out with a bang! 

Boards have been fun, but very excited about the future, getting through these weird times, Bookstore, and mainly, the return of 2.0

It's been a long time coming. 

That's all for now.


- Furry Dude


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