An overdue apology and thank you to supporters, BLEMS, King of the Curb and SPRING 2017

I have been a skateboarder before anything my entire life. And, as a result of that lifestyle some aspects of health ,over time, deteriorate whether it be due to regular wear and tear, heavy injuries, or the general neglect on all fronts we give our bodies as skateboarders. In any case, it adds up. 

In September/October of last year I had a bout with "neglect" in particular. I was severely sick for the past 7 months. Really sick. Scary as hell, but it ended in surgery last month and have been recovering well.  I tried hard not to let interfere with Joycult. And even though for the most part the grounds for this apology may be all in my head. I simply wasn't able to give it 110%  like I have been. Not for my personal life, not for skateboarding, and not for Joycult either.

To anybody who has emailed us in the past few months whether it be a general inquiry, customer issue or just wanted to say hello and didn't get a reply; it was not intentional. I have nothing but love for fingerboarders everywhere ESPECIALLY those who have supported Joycult in any regard. I consider you family in so many ways and from the depths of me, if any of you were led to believe otherwise. For what it's worth; this was the reason.

Even when the ship is running full steam ahead; the wheels, design, imagery, video, photography, webstore, packing, promo, shipping, events are done with a TON of love, blood, sweat, and tears by a skateboarder from Brantford Ontario and that is what you support at its core. 

Feeling healthier now, getting back to my old self more and more everyday. Momentum is building, and I owe a lot to you. Seriously. 

Thank you. 

NOW, that that bullshit is behind us, we can look to the bright future of fingerboarding in Canada starting with "KING OF THE CURB" Event on June 17th in Brantford, Ontario. This is an outdoor CONTEST (unlike our other events) and will take place at Brant Crossing's Skatepark rain or shine. More details will surface in the coming weeks, BUT, the event is set in stone. BUT GET STOKED because this is also 2 Years of Joycult and have a lot of special stuff in store for you and everyone who can't make the trip as well!


Ok, last bit of news. 


For those who have been asking! The Spring 2017 release will be on April 29th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time here at Obviously more details as to what to expect in the coming days, BUT, this may be the last release where blems will be available. They may come back as a special sale every now and then, BUT, we have to make way for other new innovations in store for summer 2017!

Blessed to be back.

Enjoy the content in the meantime everyone, and hope you get inspired to get out there and create!

MUCH love, as always. You know it.

- Matty



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