A Sincere Thank You.

To everyone who has supported Joycult since day one. Who believed in the idea and backed it from the ground up. From the depths of me. THANK YOU. In every way possible, this is one is for you. Now, I could write a novel here about everything I would like you all to know about Joycult moving forward...  But I realized you will all just find out soon enough anyways. It's not just the wheels that have been revised. The experience, the things you don't see on the back end, every nook and cranny thoroughly observed and thought through with your needs in mind. Enjoy new shipping options (Tracking and Priority Services now available), a new simple layout and design for the shop, and most of all, the 'thane you all know and love with new shapes, drastically improved design, and most importantly the same gold standard in functionality and performance. For fingerboarders, by fingerboarders. This is just the beginning. Much love, as always. 


- Matt

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