2016 in Full Effect

The 2016 season has begun for us at Joycult Wheels with our first release happening Friday January 22nd at 12pm EST. We are happy to introduce New Colours, NEW formulas, and the addition of 70D to the lineup. The 70D has been in our vision since the beginning, however, it was a tricky formula to work with and we just couldn't figure it out at the time. Now, after many sleepless nights of R and D, we have finally done it and are proud to release it  in this weekends stock! 


Much love to everyone who has stayed patient and supportive. These things take time to do right and it is a relief to finally have some wheels for everyone!

Heres to 2016! Look forward to a whole bunch of good news in the coming weeks in regards to Joycult and the fingerboard movement in Canada!

Happy Shredding in the meantime! 

- Matt

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